Rapid Prototyping for Mobile Apps

Sketch your ideas, add animation, and get instant feedback.


Sketch out your app ideas on paper, then snap a picture!

Get down to the basics of design with pen and paper

At the early stages of ideation, we don't want you weighted down with unnecessary functionality. Get your ideas on paper and take time to plan how your app will really work.

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Capture your sketches and turn them into prototypes

Our iOS app makes it incredibly simple to take pictures of your sketched ideas and quickly transform them into working prototypes. Everything is synced with the web app, in case you prefer to work on a larger screen.

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Add animation

Get the look and feel of a real app during any stage of the design process. Add detailed transitions and gestures to transform still screens into a clickable/tapable prototype.

Device preview

When creating mobile apps, it only makes sense to test on a mobile device. View your app whenever you choose — whether you are still in the earliest stages of sketching or have already put the finishing touches on your pixel-perfect interface.

Better team collaboration and smoother client communication

Invite any stakeholders to preview your project and leave comments. Keep all feedback organized in a single place with the design, rather than in endless email chains.

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