Prott for Android released !
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Rapid Prototyping & Radical Collaboration

The power tool for design teams

What is Prott?

Prott is a new and powerful prototyping tool for designing and developing mobile apps.
Through rapid prototyping you can shape your ideas instantly.
No matter where you are, you can test your prototypes and share your ideas and comments.
Continually improve your design without writing a line of code.

How does it work?

  • Capture your idea

    Simply point & shoot
    to get started

  • Add animation

    Everything is instantly
    synced across platforms

  • Realtime sync

    Connect screens together
    to create your prototype

  • Device preview

    Test out your app like
    it’s the real deal

  • Collaborate & share

    Share with your team
    for collective feedback

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Together it’s magic

Prott for iOS / Android

Prott for Mac / Windows

Prott for Browser

Quickly sketch ideas with the Wireframe feature

Create simple wireframes fast with pre-set shapes and UI elements.
Personalize your sketches and save customized modules for later use.

Drag & drop elements
Edit charactertistics
Prototype faster

Learn more about the Wireframe feature

Prototyping across all devices

Full support for iOS and Android screen resolutions and beyond. Customize the display size to any setting of your choice.

Powerful Integrations

Prototype even more rapidly by linking with other services.

Google Drive will be supported soon.

Over 25,000 designers love us already.